Monday, November 15, 2010

Why aren't the false witnesses in STL being investigated?

In Lebanon's Special Tribunal for Lebanon, false witnesses have been identified... and then let go! Even if all you know is detective TV shows, you would know that false witnesses are hired by the real culprit, and that it's the investigators' obligation to find that culprit! Isn't that the STL's job, rather than try to provoke us into a civil war; the new way to colonize small countries.
This what the General Aoun is reported to have said. He faces the absurdity of a corrupt Lebanon Banana Republic, which the west blissfully supports.

The STL seems like one last chance to manipulate us into a civil war, after Fatah el Islam failed in 2007. Half truths in the western media make many believe that we're defined by the life or death of a leader, and they ignore the onset of nationalism and civil rights in 1989 in Lebanon. They also ignore that Hariri did not associate with the popular patriotic movement, the one opposing the past Syrian occupation, until 2004. Before that he was another mercantile Lebanese politician driving us into the biggest per capita debt in the world.

Some will want to reduce me to the sectarian stereotypes they are used to: "are you a christian mad at a sunnite". No, I am LEBANESE, and my sophisticated political identity in Lebanon is that of a nationalist. If only colonization would end already, and the world would stop reducing us the natives of the ex-colonies to insulting stereotypes.

Note, Dec 20th. Maybe all the complaining about false witnesses, and the fact that people are not being considered innocent until proven guilty, is now ringing a bell with the STL.

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