Tuesday, April 19, 2016

male aggression in civilized society

We heard about Jean Gomeshi in Toronto, and men who insult women-reporters. the 6 million women living in shelters from domestic abuse in the US... Zaha Hadid saying men don't hate women in the middle east; it's in the west, not the middle east that men were shocked that she's a woman-architect.

Here is an article on male biast among biology students

Here is a blogpost by someone offended by rude males and asking other men to notice:
To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me — Life Tips — Medium:

As long as the west considers itself anointed of sexism just because it is the west, it won't easily face its problems.

You Can Heal Yourself With Your Mind (For Real) - The Daily Beast

You Can Heal Yourself With Your Mind (For Real) - The Daily Beast:

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A reason to plan the workday differently: science shows the importance of naps

Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime - Scientific American:

close-minded fundamentalists missed the point of religion

MEMRITV - The Middle East Media Research Institute:

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Alternative medical treatments

A case of multiple sclerosis improvement following removal of heavy metal intoxication: lessons learnt from Matteo's case. - PubMed - NCBI:

Maybe a reason for Lebanon to be more than a depositary for pharma products, and find its own medical path.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

PaloAlto CEO tells employees to bring their kids to work

If Lebanon is going to re-invent itself, it should follow the lead of average westerners who still separate employed mothers from children. Instead it could benefit from the example of pioneers like the CEO of Palo Alto software, who arranged for her employees to bring their kids to work.

Lebanon could be inspired by unusual westerners like Palo Alto's CEO, but it doesn't need to do however is imitate the west blindly. As Zaha Hadid said, it's in the west that she faced discrimination as a woman architect, and she said that in the middle-east, while men treat women differently, they don't hate them nor do they patronize them. The west has a streak of male aggression that it has yet to face.