Sunday, December 25, 2011

will green roofs cover Beirut?

Beirut’s Rooftop Revolution (INTERVIEW) | Green Prophet

Lebanese women athletes shine in olympic games

Lebanese women put Lebanon on the sports map by winning most of Lebanon's gold medal in Doha

Golden Lebanese Girls, the Lebanese Women Basketball National Team and the Sprinter Gretta Taslakian, all Golden winners in the Panarab Games came home Dec 20th, 2011.

In Arab fencing Mona Shaito won 5 gold medals, and beats Tunisian Ines Bubakri 15-7 in the Final.

The Lebanese Women Basketball Team beat Qatar 72-34 and won the Gold Medal.

Katya Bachrouche won 4 Gold medals in the Pan Arabic games beating Moroccan Sara El Bekri (2:17:24) and Tunisian Sarra Lajnef (2:18:91).
By Dec 22nd it was 7 Gold medals for Lebanon, 4 of them alone from Bachrouche, and all of them won by our Women.

Female athletes pave the way for Lebanon at Olympics.

At the 2012 Olympics, the Lebanese delegation is made of 7 women and 3 men athletes. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

why Lebanon is the role model of democracy

Lebanon is still the liberal country of the middle east, but we have high hopes in Egyptian liberals

Islamists pursue gains in Egypt's phased election | Reuters

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BBC News - Russia accuses West of 'immoral' stance on Syria

Russia denounces the fact that the US covers for violence by opposition forces in Syria, and uses unfounded accounts of death tolls: BBC News - Russia accuses West of 'immoral' stance on Syria

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saudi regime vs. the environment

Saudi Acts as Oil Cheerleader at COP 17 Circus | Green Prophet

"Now We're Invented?", by Amer Zahr, The Civil Arab -

Newt Gingrich said Palestinians were "invented", Amer Zahr has a field day ! I guess Americans heed the belief of other colonizers, Ottoman, Saudi, that once a culture is overpowered, its existence can be denied. In the middle east however colonizers faded and native cultures survived.

Monday, December 5, 2011

NNA - Official website Lebanon Beirut

The Lebanese news agency - NNA - is looking good! Maybe this will be the tool that will bring expats up to speed, and help then vote in the 2013 parliamentary in Lebanon.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Americans that lag far far behind: racist arrogant diplomats, racist churches...

Interesting, Kentucky church votes to ban interracial couples while in Lebanon we have advocacy group demanding civil marriage, to facilitate marriage between religions. How is it again, that Americans suspect the Lebanese of being regressive?!

The Ugly American | Inquirer News: the racism of US diplomats in the Philippines