Tuesday, October 19, 2010

an Agriculture minister that does his job in Lebanon...

Hussein El Hajj Hassan had a first success in de-toxifing Lebanese farming, where under an apathetic ruling majority, the abuse of pesticides has gone rampant.

I will follow up on yet another different politician, from the Lebanese opposition. I can think of him and energy minister Bassil, and will I expect learn of others, who are in government to get work done. Of course to Glenn beck all that matters is that he's from Hezbollah. I wish the western media could get specific when talking about Hezbollah, see what its actual leaders are doing right or wrong, instead of discussing an imaginary stereotype. They need to zoom in, or else they're going on propaganda.

Monday, October 11, 2010

an enlightened institute addresses islamophobia

This senior fellow in the Institute for global engagement sounds very qualified to understand General Aoun's appeal to prevent the demonization of Islam, to the vatican's synode. As this analyst said, what can possibly be criticized in that?