Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ashkal alwan: Lebanese artist communities on the international map:

Lebanese artist communities on the international map:

HWP 2014-15 Call for applications | ashkal alwan:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Lebanon has an athlete in the winter olympics, and a national charter, so can you stop assuming we're feuding bigots?!

Lebanon has an olympian in the winter games, Jackie Chamoun. She's an olympian with insight on how to advancing skiing in Lebanon. She also posed for a racy ski calendar. Politicians criticized her, BUT the Lebanese public, blogosphere, and industry (wine and beer makers included) supported Jacky in a big outcry, with the hashtag #stripforjackie. The western media noticed her unlike countless other succesful women athletes from Lebanon.

So there you have it, Lebanon is not limited to 1980's cliches still used in the news today, or to bombs placed by Saudi mercenaries. By the same token the US would be made of high school shootings, if the shootings were by foreign mercenaries implanted to weaken the US. Unfortunately for the US those are totaaly amercian.

The western media has covered for Saudi-backed mercenaries in the middle east, claiming the fights are sectaian when these fundamentalists are simply trying to re-colonize the arabic world. The Lebanese answer to these is a National Charter to better resist foreign manipulation into violence. This charter is reminiscent of the memorandum of understanding with Hezbollah, completely ignored by the west, in which they agree to never hold arms against thei own country. Here are comments on the recent National Charter, Lebanon's constructive thinking in the face of foreign terrorism. Nobody disagrees with the [charter], says one Lebanese paper. How will that fair in the face of the prejudice that we're feuding bigots?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

bikes good for business, bike courrier in Lebanon

How the US discovered profit in bike lanes:

And the Lebanese courrier service "Deghri" delivers goods (groceries, parcels) in less than 3 hours: article.