Sunday, May 11, 2014

African Babies Don't Cry but Western ones do

My baby doesn't cry much, and this thanks to my attachment parenting style, the way asians, africans and latin americans have parented for centuries, and the west started to look into this. African babies dont cry, but western babies do. This is according to Dr. Claire Niala in Why African Babies Don't Cry: An African Perspective, and Dr. Karp in Cultures Without Colic.

Some parents in the west took on attachment parenting, and I sympathize with them. But then there are those who preach strict, rulish parenting where the norm is for babies to cry. I actually raised eyebrows: a baby who doesn't cry, I must be overprotecting him!  Dr. Karp had another explanation in Cultures Without Colic that cultures where baby cry much less then in the west, babies are constantly held, they get immediate response when upset, and very frequent breastfeeding. Closeness is not the same as stifling a child, and distance is not the same as trust!

African parenting advocates closeness, bonding, doting on the baby, flexibility, accomodating the child, taking the baby to work. The result is a happy baby, full night sleep, and a relaxed mom. The west (not counting attachment parents) preaches distance, discipline, personal space, cribs and schedules, daycare. The result is a cranky baby and a tired, sleep deprived mom. The worst of all is that the west ignores the methods used by all other cultures and preaches that a cold distance between mom and child is the only way for a mom to return to her "productive life". Dr. Niala is a typical Kenyan mum who proved the west wrong. She moved her practice from England to Kenya. There she takes her baby and nanny to her practice with her. The west should not take its unnecessarily rulish parenting methods for absolute truth.

The guilt that moms feel throughout the workday, for being away from baby inspired some westerners to try alternative work models, like cubes and crayons and where there is palce for children at work. I have lost enough in my life because I was swayed by the west. I will parent, and work my way, the doting way.  I lost part of my soul when I let living in the west distract me from my mom. Now a mom myself, I have no intention of assimilating into the west. Attachment parents in the west will understand. All parents in Africa, Asia and Latin America already get it.

Lebanon’s Last Glass Blower Gets Boost From Recycled Bottles - Speakeasy - WSJ

Lebanon’s Last Glass Blower Gets Boost From Recycled Bottles - Speakeasy - WSJ:

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Teleferico instead of subways in Sounth America. How about in Lebanon

We have a wonderfully hilly country in Lebanon, a shabby infrastructure and no real public transport. It sounds like aerial public transport, the teleferic, makes perfect sense, and turns commutes into a scenic relaxing trips.

Dilma inaugura teleférico no Complexo do Alemão, no Rio. - YouTube: