Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scientists make "Impossible Material" ... by accident

Upsalite, a new highly porous synthetic material that can absorb oil spills, among other uses. O how about we use it to clean the Lebanese shore!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Solid Rain can help maintain public green spaces in Lebanon

Powdered Water Hydrates Drought-Stricken Farms | Green Prophet

Solid Rain, potassium polyacrylate granules that hold 10 times their weight in water for a year, helped drought-stricken farms in Mexico and can help maintain under-watered public green spaces in Lebanon.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mediterranean Surveillance Crew Eyes Oil Spills from the Sky

Mediterranean Surveillance Crew Eyes Oil Spills from the Sky | Green Prophet

Lebanon needs to be part of this surveillance crew, and provide technology to clean off spills that threaten our shore.

Drone It Yourself kit: first step to agricultural robots?

Drone It Yourself turns random objects into RC quadrotors

that's perfect, I can see crowd inventing taking off in Lebanon because of this kit. Just imagine, well first imagine a good store for inventors that includes such things, then imagine the application, watering plants, removing weeds, dropping off mail, all without touching roads of floor or soil. It's RC, so it will simplify labor too.

A real WaterCar

Is it a Jeep? Is it a speedboat? No, it's WaterCar's Panther amphibious vehicle

Imagine these in Beirut and Jounieh, with some traffic on the water, we'll have less traffic jams.