Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bigots' comments on the issue of exploring oil off of the Lebanese shore

Lebanon is auctioning off is off shore gas and oil exploration. So, would you believe that in comment on that, we hear pro-Israel blogger using sectarian slurs against the Lebanese? Check the comments on the site, including one about how bigotry against Lebanese people distracts from the issue. The issue for us Lebanese is: how environmentally responsible will the exploration operation be, and will it deprive us from accessing our Lebanese shores.

Friday, August 13, 2010

how much did you say the Lebanese per capita debt was?

oh, so, it wasn't "prosperity" under the late Hariri regime, was it? And prosperity is rated by economic statistics, not how dressed all the party-goers in Lebanon are, right?
At least this seems to be clear when reporters in the Daily Star write:

The ratification of the oil law would allow Beirut to grant firms the right to drill for oil fields in Lebanese waters, which could help the government reduce the country’s $52 billion debt, which marks one of the world’s highest debt-to-GDP rates at 147 percent.

When we fail, it's the exception. When others fail it's the rule

GMA: "Any failure on our part is an exception, while for others failure is a rule"
After the arrest of Farez Karam, FPM member for spying.

What effect does such a rumor have on Lebanon? Or more exactly what effect does fear mongering have on Lebanon? Well consider this, in Iran and Saudi Arabia, a woman is terrified to be seen with an unrelated man because of the rumors that will spread. In Lebanon, we are amused if anyone even mentions a fear of rumors. I don't think that fear mongering works on us in politics either. Assuming Karam is accused of spying, this cannot be manipulated into a rumor about the entire FPM, not in Lebanon.