Friday, July 22, 2011

In Lebanon we don't get angry, we lawyer up!

The Lebanese government is a first, it actually serves Lebanon! It is rectifying the incompetence of the saudi-affiliated ex government, and filing the proper legal paperwork to protect Lebanon's maritime territory from Israel. Is this what the US is lamenting, that we're not governed by incompetent slackers that they can take advantage of?
For those who lament Hariri, if he was so great, why didn't even file the right papers to preserve Lebanon's territory? This not to mention the $11 billions his government embezzled.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the stories that won't make it to the west...

Here's one, about Yemeni Hip Hop! The video on Shake The features Nadia al Sakkaf, who lead the Yemen Times into becoming an internationally credible news source. I love how they tsrat the video by saying that a queen once ruled their country, and they're as old as civilization, but these are not the stories that make it to the west. They said "our stories got lost, among the stories that others told".

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

there you go, that's the difference between March 8 (lead by Lebanese nationalists) and the old ruling class that opposes them

March 8 finance ministry in Lebanon vows to play by the rules, and leave out favoritism and vindictiveness. When did you ever hear Hariri and company even utter those words! They rule Ottoman style, they oppress the natives, deviate public funds, and when called out for doing that they say "isn't that still better than you having a civil war?". It's all very Moubarak of Egypt, all every ally the US ever had. In order save us from ourselves, which we demonstrated to be unnecessary, they ask in return for the right to pillage us. Well here comes the opposite of the old ruling class, the March 8 government, which works for Lebanon, not threatens it with a civil war while pillaging it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

So which is it? Does the Syrian government have a popular basis or not?

Sure, this article called syrian who protested at the US embassy a "mob", but it's still civilians protesting the fact the US and French ambassador were inciting a revolt in Hama.
So which is it, does the Syrian government appeal to any of its people, or doesn't it?
Biast adjectives like "mob" aside, a bunch a of Syrians answered the appeal to protest US influence in Syria. Could that be because the US rebranded Khaddam, a brutal dictator aid, "pro democratic leader of a revolution". My impression is that Syrians can have their own revolutions, untainted with ex-dictators. It also seems that real revolutions only happen when the US stays out of it. The US only replaces one dictator with another, or a dictator with a Banana Republic, but never really supports democracy. US foreign policy is still steeped in Pilgrim thinking, exterminate or at least sabotage the natives. Have you ever heard of pilgrims developing a natives reserve?