Monday, July 11, 2011

So which is it? Does the Syrian government have a popular basis or not?

Sure, this article called syrian who protested at the US embassy a "mob", but it's still civilians protesting the fact the US and French ambassador were inciting a revolt in Hama.
So which is it, does the Syrian government appeal to any of its people, or doesn't it?
Biast adjectives like "mob" aside, a bunch a of Syrians answered the appeal to protest US influence in Syria. Could that be because the US rebranded Khaddam, a brutal dictator aid, "pro democratic leader of a revolution". My impression is that Syrians can have their own revolutions, untainted with ex-dictators. It also seems that real revolutions only happen when the US stays out of it. The US only replaces one dictator with another, or a dictator with a Banana Republic, but never really supports democracy. US foreign policy is still steeped in Pilgrim thinking, exterminate or at least sabotage the natives. Have you ever heard of pilgrims developing a natives reserve?

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