Friday, June 18, 2010

Does the Iranian civil rights movement sympathize with undemocratic middle-easterns?

The Iranian regime has been known for despotism for a while, which explains the rise of an opposition, the Green Movement in Iran. However, is this movement justified in sympathizing with despots elsewhere in the middle east? is the green movement pro-democracy everywhere, or just in Iran? Integrity means not saying "the ally of my ally is my ally, even if it's a criminal". The US has (for some reason?!) lately backed and emboldened a despotic Egyptian and Saudi regime. The green movement ignores crimes of the current US-excused Saudi regime that killed a Lebanese man for being a psychic
. Same for the fact that the Egyptian police beat an Egyptian blogger to death in public.

The Green Movement contradicts itself by sympathizing with the Lebanese sectarian, racist, oppressive and corrupt ruling class, and opposing the patriotic party as it mentors a Lebanese Hezbollah back into the Lebanese democracy, which makes it impossible for any carpet-bagger (to borrow US terminology) to sponsor yet another civil war in Lebanon. We need no approval from any colonizer (Saudis, Iran, US) to evolve in Lebanon, and we have a Lebanese vision of religious diversity that is for now beyond Iran's Green Movement vision. This not to mention that Hezbollah is not reported, in a single news article, for attacking or oppressing its Lebanese compatriots, let alone murder them. It also did not start a religious hate camp as Christian separatists are doing in Lebanon (while the US inexplicable backs them up). The US seems to have one real issue with Hezbollah, that it challenges Israel and their pilgrim-like reflexes towards the Palestinian issues. Pro-Israel sides are fixating on a Hezbollah of the 80's, negating the progress the patriotic movement made with Hezbollah, the memorandum of understanding they signed agreeing to disarm if the Lebanese government performed its role in protecting Lebanese civilians. They're also ignoring the real Sunnite extremism (which does not represent Sunnites) all over Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and through mercenaries imported into Lebanon by its old ruling class.

In Lebanon on the other hand, the patriotic party had the sophistication to say US has the right constitution, but a foreign policy that contradicts that same constitution. It doesn't blindly love nor blindly hate the US. If you had an Iranian branch of the Lebanese patriotic party, it would have accurately said: we are against Israel going pilgrim on Arabic natives, but we don't believe it takes an oppressive theocracy to stop that. A democracy would make a much stronger argument against Israel. It would have also said that theocrats will be part of the new democracy, they will just learn to trust and work with Iranians, instead of against them, just like we found common ground with Hezbollah and mediated an understanding with them; a plan to change. The Green movement needs to be allied with our patriotic movement to learn how to transform Iran through mediation, not allied with the US, at least not while it currently backs one side of extremists against the other.

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