Monday, June 28, 2010

unfair arrests in Toronto during G20

Until I read Steve Paikin's blog (award-winning host of the Agenda TV show on TVO), I only had the vague impression that the police were unfairly sheltering G20 leaders from public opinion, by restraining protesters in some areas. I also thought that if there were arrests, the police must have been provoked since I have faith in the Canadian system. I was wrong, and now that I read what MP's and journalists said about their arrested children and colleagues, democracy in Canada, which brought me here, suddenly seems fragile.

Steve Paikin (TVO) writes that a "stealth" legislation change allowed unjustified arrests of protesters. Also all the while arresting innocent protesters and journalists, the police was incompetent at preventing rioters from doing damage.

Protesters complying with the police and simple onlookers were arrested too, just for being in a designated protest area.

Security is a false pretext for intimidating people out of being in their parks, and streets, to better "sanitize" Toronto of anti-G20 opinions. This pretext is used by every police state out there. The culture shock protesters received also reminds me of the one I had from interacting with some intimidating immigration officers.

I wasn't sure I needed to be in a protest to reverse the damage done by the G20 to the world but after this, if there's a protest, to protest what happened in the near future, I'm going. We didn't migrate all the way here to have a repeat of the police state.

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