Sunday, November 22, 2015

while the world asks "didn't you have a civil war?"...

In Lebanon, it's common from people from multiple religions, among muslims and christians to pray to St Charbel or other religious icons. St Charbel is a deceased, contemporary saint, who has performed medically-recognized miracles, in patients from diverse background.أعجوبة-مثبتة-طبيّا-للقديس-شربل-منذ-تموز-لا-تستثني-طائفة-

I look forward to the following miracle one day: a western person comes into his church and leaves saying "Lebanon is pluralistic, enlightened, and no the civil war was not real, it was a foreign manipulation". Now that would be impressive!

Lebanese independence day on google

Google celebrated the Lebanese independence day, ands did all of Lebanon (all the while criticizing an outdated government). Thanks google!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

there were 2 terrorist attacks, not just one! One in Beirut and one in Paris

ISIS soiled bombers kills 45 Lebanese citizens:

and a hero prevented even more deaths:

Some from colleges we know,

and no, the suicide bombers in Lebanon are not a local problem. They couldn't be more foreign, especially since they were trained, armed and financed by Britain and the US, according to the Guardian:

As well as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and supported by Israel:

It goes without saying they don't represent Islam:

and thank you Egypt for considering human lives everywhere as valuable:

Monday, November 2, 2015

only arabic and Lebanese christians would start a prayer would a quote from a Shia clerk

It's a prayer, I know, but it makes me want to shout we're diverse B$#%^$ , to westerners who ask "civil war much"?

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Astronaut Scott Kelly Calls Yanni - Pyramids in Egypt - YouTube

Astronaut Scott Kelly Calls Yanni - Pyramids in Egypt - YouTube:

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