Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lebanese can now vote from abroad

Here's a curiously under-advertised turning point in the history of Lebanese democracy, we Lebanese living abroad can now vote from Lebanese embassies. Did you know? Are you prepared? Do you know what form to file? Coming soon is a guide to voting from abroad, in progress. Please comment on any missing information, and share your experience and opinion on voting from a Lebanese embassy, finally!

a brief overview of the Lebanese diaspora

PM Gen. Aoun said that the 2013 parliamentary elections in Lebanon are the last chance for reforms.

Monday, April 23, 2012

US, how about adding Saudi Arabia and their Banana Republics to your axis of evil?

Why isn't Saudi arabia and the banana republics they prop in the middle east part of the "axis of evil"?
Bahrain Grand Prix cars race as protesters march in villages

Monday, April 16, 2012

does the west know?

Does the west know, that the free patriotic movement doesn't promote dum arabic taboos? We have issues with Israel but we don't lead anti-Israeli witch hunts. This shows when Aoun says he's not embarrassed to meet with Karam, who was accused of collaborating with Israel.  Ridiculous fanaticism is what self-righteous societies like Israel and the Saudi's do, the allies of the US that is.

sustainable architecture in the middle east

Green-Thumbed Journalist Nick Leech Defends Gulf Design | Green Prophet:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jewish Rabbis in Surprise Visit to Sidon — Naharnet

Jewish Rabbis in Surprise Visit to Sidon — Naharnet

science vs. mercantilism, in a fight to preserve Lebanese heritage

Les archéologues locaux et internationaux catégoriques : « Les cales phéniciennes de Minet el-Hosn, à conserver à tout prix » (Vidéo) | Libnanews:

This is not new, when greeks undig a phoenician ruin, they burry it back. Ego prevails over science when it comes to Europeans, Arabs and Israelis denying the share of phoenicians in history. The Israeli government sabotaged a National Geographic mission to surface a phoenician ship.  These are join by Lebanese mercantile, exploitive leaders who think a sense of roots gets in the way of them exploiting the Lebanese population.

These are the proponents of ego. Opposite to them are the proponents of science, archeologists who demonstrated the validity of phoenician ruins, and the Lebanese who echo their findings

and again, contractors negate the validity of phoenician ruins. An ancient phoenician port is about to be destroyed by developers in the Solidere area: Blue Lebanon phoenician port in danger

Hippodrome de Beyrouth : L’APPL entame un recours en justice auprès du Conseil d’État libanais | Libnanews

Dr. Naji Karam : L’installation portuaire phénicienne et le rapport de la honte

Manifestation pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine de Tripoli (vidéos) | Libnanews: