Monday, November 29, 2010

Wiki leaks Re: Lebanon: forcing a civil war on Lebanese people?

In the wikileak, Minister Elias el Murr, from the ruling majority in Lebanon, is exposed to have invited Israel to help ethnically cleanse the opponents of the majority in Lebanon. Why does the US support such a corrupt and dangerous banana republic in Lebanon?

In an earlier wikileak, STL's tendency to scare us about an impending war with Hezbollah now has a different meaning. The US is bashing the shiites to keep Saudi's happy? It's ironic that the home of the Taliban, a theocracy of their own, with regressive social principles not different from Iran's, calls Iran the "head of the snake". These people are centuries behind Lebanon, they're simply still hung up on a vendetta from medieval times, and their dare to sabotage a Lebanese renaissance to use Lebanon as a playground for their medieval battles.

That's it then? They're making us a pawn in a Saudi-led religious crusade?! They demonize the Lebanese opposition because it does not want us to be a pawn in a religious vendetta?!

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