Monday, November 29, 2010

Media on STL: it's (shiite) duck season!

the CBC report about the Special Tribunal in Lebanon is all about frowning the truth, as this comment on McLean's link to the CBC report points out:

Funny that your issue is with Muslim countries, yet you help "stone" a part of the Lebanese opposition through this CBC report, which aids the Saudi dictatorship and their puppet Banana Republic in Lebanon.
In Western-speak (I call it that because for Lebanese nationalist sectarian labels are seen as bigotry):
Saudi dictatorship = Egyptian dictatorship = Lebanese Banana Republic's ruling majority = sunnite oppressive regimes = US-labeled good guys (?!)
Taliban = 9/11 = sunnite extremists
Hezbollah = shiite = typically a minority in Arabic country
Minorities in Arabic countries include Christians, Shiite, and obtuse regimes make life difficult for them.

You also forget that some Arabic countries are religiously diverse, and include Christians like me, but I guess stereotyping us makes it easier for colonizers to call us "savages", and excuse their crimes against us. European settlers in North America anyone? When colonization is honestly over, you will realize this: Long ahead of the rest of the world, in 1989 to be exact, Lebanon started to reject religious segregation and considered it a form of racism. This was triggered by the patriotic movement that emerged in 1989, and that gave us a different direction. Our country will be a flagship for true religious diversity for the world, and you will learn from it not to use the "N word equivalent", which are sectarian labels. True diversity means mingling among religions as occurs in Lebanon, not a cold distance separating different immigrant neighborhoods, or a Saudi paranoia from all things different. Imagine what you'll learn from us if CBC's nudge towards a civil war in Lebanon doesn't succeed.

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