Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Sue tribe are to the Palestinians what European settlers are to Israeli settlers

American Indian Movement?
Russel Means?
Leonard Peltier?
Stand off at Oblala?
Pine Rdige as a ground zero for native american issues?
Loremy fort treaty delimited the Lakotah territory, then absorbed it? Sound familiar, as the same is done to Palestinians.
Homestead act in 1862, is reminiscent of Israeli settlers.
Executing 38 Indian rebels in 1863, ordered by president Lincoln.
In 1871, forbidding all western Indians from leaving their reserves.
In 1877, a campaign known as sign or starve: no food for the tribes unless they sign an agreement to give away their land.
The Wounded Knee massacre in 1890, its site is a grave "for all indiginous people".

I noted all the information above from a TED talk about how Indian reservations used to be war camps?

Isn't that the same story as Israel trying to turn Lebanon into a natives reserve, and adding 400,000 Palestinians to an already overpopulated Lebanon with a struggling economy? The TED talk above speaks of "the legacy of colonization and forced migration", exactly what the opposition in Lebanon does not want.

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