Wednesday, January 19, 2011

US gov, Israel, the Saudi regime and Banana Republics on one side, and natives on the other

US, Israel, the Saudi regime seem to be collaborating as colonizers of the Middle East and North Africa. The Saudi regime supports Banana Republic, the well known loop hole after colonization became illegal. The US and Israel call these Banana Republics "pro-west" and "defenders of democracy". They also describe the opposition to the Banana Republic in Lebanon as an "anti-west" monster. This simply covers for these corrupt governments and their Saudi backers.

The Washington post, in this article on Hariri's death, again mystifies the Lebanese opposition and covers for a corrupt and exploitive ruling class in Lebanon just because it's willing to be a pon government at the service of the Saudi and US regimes. How shocking, coming from Obama whom we all campaigned for because we thought he is sophisticated enough to end colonization.

The manipulative divisive foreign policy of the US is the reason why the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was passed in 2005, and apparently forgotten in the case of policies towards Lebanon.

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