Friday, January 7, 2011

Emerging technologies that would make sense to import to Lebanon

I often see ads on Lebanese websites for trading in oil, or in the same old stock market, and I laugh. We're a renaissance waiting to happen, once the Banana Republic gets out of the way. Why would we do things the same old way?

There are some technologies, emerging around the world, that could propel Lebanon into the future. These cost a fraction of the budgetary spending made by the Saniora and Hariri cabinets between 2006 and 2009, and the $11 billion they embezzled, undocumented.

Eliodomestico, an energy passive desalinator for water

Graphene electrodes for making organic solar cells practical:

Maybe a solution to traffic and road maintenance in Lebanon, Australian built Hoverbike prepares for takeoff.

Camera gun, which provides a humane alternative to hunting.


Potawatomi digester to produce energy

Futuristic SeaOrbiter vessel (French architect), set for October construction.

3D-Printing with Nano-Precision, an industry that produces high-precisions parts, without the pollution and harsh conditions of a factory.

FanWing aircraft that uses a fan on the wings to blow air over it. It only needs 15 meters to take off, which means in small Lebanon this aircraft can transport patients, urgent supplies from and to short airports.

a revolutionary way of teaching, for free: Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education | Video on

Stone Spray builds architecture from the ground up: instead of using expensive bricks and masonry, we would be able to "spray" on Lebanese houses.

High-efficiency solar energy tech turns water into steam - from Rice University

GVentilation shafts cladded with greenery, from Imagine this at the Zouk power plant ventialtion shaft.

Smart Bra May Replace Mammograms: apparently water pollution in Lebanon and the surrounding triggers cancer, among other diseases

Because toxicity from chemicals is not a detail: Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry

Animal shelters that show case the intelligence of animals: driving school for dogs in New Zealand.

For less traffic in Lebanon, maybe we can all have jetpacks: Redesigned Martin Jetpack deliveries expected to start in 2014

Self-lighting sidewalk, means actual sidewalks in Lebanon, and less spending on street lights PRO-TEQ: spray applied elastomeric polyurethane - polyurea coatings.

High-Tech Sensors Help Old Port City Leap Into Smart Future : Parallels : NPR:

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