Sunday, July 4, 2010

like an ex-colony, no more?

For the first time in Lebanon a political party defends every citizen's right to vote, not just those who vote for the party. The Lebanese FPM lead by the General Aoun also denounces the defeatist attitude in Lebanon, in society and the media in a speech addressed to FPM-backed mayors, municipal council members and mukhtars who won May’s municipal elections.

Defeatists attitudes are typical of ex-colonies, who can't quite shake off the psychological beat-down of their colonizers. So, is FPM making history by changing the character that Lebanon inherited from being a colony, and turning it to a real democratic country?

Here's what else the FPM is up against in Lebanon. In good old colonial style, the old ruling class (called "defenders of democracy" by Busch's regime, with no changes under Obama's) does not pay its electrical bills! Minister of Energy Gebran Bassil, appointed by FPM, made these politicians pay most of their bills but 600 million remain .

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