Tuesday, July 13, 2010

give people control of their operating systems!

my issue with computers is how patronizing operating system are. I am not a programmer, but even I am bemused when Apple or Microsoft is always trying to make things "simple" for us "easily confused users". It's not the complicated aspect of operating systems and softwares that hold us back, it's how little flexibility we have in making them do what we want. Look at how the accessibility of scripting resulted in a myriad of iphone apps, and freeware. What would operating systems achieve if users were free to transform them?

Will an Arabic programmer end the middle east status as an observer of progress, rather than participant, and create an operating system that trusts the user?
Well some of the middle eastern societies still fear creativity and demand obedience from its members, so... I should say will the middle east first stop fearing creativity and independent thought, then be a home to software engineer who create an operating system where the intelligence of computer users is not insulted?

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