Friday, July 9, 2010

Gibran Bassil, a Lebanese minister doing actual work!

Latest efforts of Lebanese energy minister to update the energy department:

Lebanon's ministry of energy promotes solar heaters through lottery

Gibran Bassil is a Lebanese energy minister who actually does his job! It's no wonder the international press is all over that

Lebanese blogs too, regarding Bassil 4-years plan to end power rationing, and him considering oil drilling off the Lebanese shore. Hopefully he'll keep on impressing us by consulting with Lebanese and international environmentalists on that issue. 

More recently, Bassil re-iterated what a genuine solution for power cuts (in the middle of a scorching summer). He at least did not play into quick fixes and other political ploys.

Dec 17, 2012: Bassil points out the $6 Billion yearly losses due to old power plant, which the government has resisted re-furbishing.

Dec 21, 2012: Bassil says all generator owners must be regulated

Jan 10, 2012: Bassil says tenders by private contractors were ethically evaluated, and the public treasury not pilfered. Electricity projects planned to start in March.

When Bassil makes a proposal, it needs to first be approved by the cabinet of ministers by majority vote, then by the parliament. After that the prime minister and president needs to approve the fund transfer from the ministry of finance held by Safadi. This last step is not happening, and that's what is defeating the plan of the ministry of energy.

Feb 6, 2012: Mikati still withholds funds and refuses to hold cabinet meetings

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