Thursday, May 27, 2010

the Lebanese model needs... an update!

This blog post speaks of the Lebanese business model

It's not all bad, but it needs to be upgraded to modern standards, since it's running on mostly good but traditional values. Other countries have gone through that, like the crying Indian campaign in the US in the 70's. It was lead by a few environmentalists who instead of psychologically beating down Americans from littering their highways, decided to educate Americans not to (and succeeded). Just imagine, a Lebanese PSA on speaking politely, teamwork, professionalism, ending sexism, respect animals, not littering, ...

Industries in the west follow a "six-sigma" program developed to ensure quality in manufacturing. What if we had a Lebanese-sigma program to increase the number of Lebanese with a modern sense of professionalism, and social / ecological sense of justice?

We've seen new ideas catch on in Lebanon like wildfire, Lebanese are not resistant to new ideas, they're just not trusted enough to hear them!

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