Friday, May 7, 2010

character, character, character... (as in location, location, location...!)

I noticed that many who oppose a certain political principle, religious belief, but have the same character as their opponents!

This is the case of fundamentalist atheists, who hardly differ from fundamentalist Christians in characters (see Chris Hedge's book; I don't believe in atheist).

It's also the case of movements that start a coup in some dictatorships. They claim to be democratic, but reverse back to their dictatorial reflexes. They picked up the democracy slogans, but none of the teamwork spirit, respect for others and the genuine will to recognize talents in others and leverage them. Without that, you have ego buffs as leaders, meaning their democracy is in fact a dictatorship.

I also don't see a difference in the characters of reformist and conservative Iranians. They are both absolutists. While the patriotic party in Lebanon mediates to find a common ground with Hezbollah, and suggests changes it should make, Iran (and the US, hmmm!) has one of 2 possible labels for Hezbollah: "good" or "bad". That being said it's the prerogative of Lebanon alone, to re-introduce once alienated Lebanese into democracy. I have yet to hear an Iranian reformist talk of a conservatives re-integration plan, when Iran becomes a democracy. That's the sort of constructive thinking that the Lebanese opposition lead by the patriotic party has exhibited, a sort out of outreach to opponents and no wonder it leaves Iranian confounded.

Middle Easterns in general don't listen, and no democracy can survive without that, the redeeming character of the west. A character trait that the opposition in Lebanon is starting to advocate, since a different character, not just different principles, will lead to a different kind of government.

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