Friday, May 7, 2010

Has Australia heard of Google's logo: Don't be evil... (to animals)?

In Australia wool producers unnecessarily mutilate sheep.

The other animal cruelty issue in Australia, I think, is the quarantine on immigrating pets. Animals who undergo a dehydrating, traumatic, life threatening plane trip to Australia then suffer the emotional ordeal of living in a cage away from their owner's affection, for at least one month of quarantine. Visits are limited and complicated, since quarantine centers don't exist in every city.
This is absurd, when they could be securing that animals are free of rabies through a series of vaccines and Australian government-validated vet visits in the country of origin. This is an idea from medieval times, pre-communication age. In modern time a pet can be secured to be free of rabies if they visit an Australia-approved vet in the pet's country of residence, one at the Australian embassy if need be and they
1. get a rabies's vaccine at last 6 months before the trip
2. come back 6 months after the vaccine to get a test a verify that a virus has not been contracted before the vaccine (it has a 6 months incubation period).
This is more secure and scientific than 1 month of traumatic separation of the pet from its owners, at the very difficult time when the pet needs its owners affection to recover from the trip.

What do animal rights have to do with Lebanon? Check out to see how we associate animal rights with the renaissance we are due to have.

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