Friday, November 18, 2011

Divide and conquer, again? Hint: it doesn't work.

A Christian-owned and a Shiite-owned establishment (to use regressive sectarian labels as they do in the west) were bombed in Tyre, Lebanon.
This has the words "divide and conquer" all over it, or should I say the words Saudi-American alliance hopelessly trying on more civil war, after the failed 2007 attempt by the Saudi regime to provoke a civil war in Lebanon.

Lebanon gets in the way of fabricated civil wars! Of course the catch phrase to get the west shreeking at the news is that Hezbollah also opposes fabricated civil wars: Hezbollah praises army for seizing Syria-bound arms

May 28, 2012: Here's why we use the words "fabricated civil war" in Lebanon, and now in Syria. As this (ironically!) Israeli reporter explains, Saudi-financed fundamentalists, AlQaeda, have highjacked the revolution in Syria and are fighting the Syrian army. The report says many Syrians don't want to go from dictatorship to Islamic Saudi colony:

Same AlQaeda is attacking the Lebanese army in the North of Lebanon, but not succeeding at starting a civil war this time.

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