Tuesday, September 6, 2011

reactions to energy bill and STL in Lebanon

Aug 23, 2011: Gen Aoun accuses March 14 of sectarian provocation
Aug 28, 2011: Gharios says it is transparent
Aug 29, 2011: Mitaki criticized
Sept 2, 2011: Abboud agrees over cabinet control of spending
Sept 6, 2011: Karam believes that electricity issue will be solved by Sept 7th
Sept 7, 2011: Safadi announces that electricity bill was approved 
Sept 8, 2011: Cabinet approves Gen. Aoun's electricity plan
Sept 8, 2011: Lebanese Forces bloc MP Antoine Zahra criticized Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun’s electricity bill
Sept 8, 2011: Kanaan, MP in the BCR, said that the STL was backed by countries with political interest, and was therefore politicized. 
Sept 9, 2011: Traditional ministers who never served Lebanese interests attempt to control new ministers as they revamp Lebanon.

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