Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baabda 1989, Budrus 2003, what else did western media censor?

Julia Bacha, Media Director at Just Vision directed and produced "Budrus", a documentary about a West Bank village that peacefully resisted a barrier across their land.  Here's her documentary site, and a TED talk about it. The west has equally boycotted the first cedar revolution in 1989 in Lebanon, documented in Daniel Rondeau's "Chroniques d'un Liban Rebelle". This was the emergence of Lebanese nationalism, triggered by the General Michel Aoun, and which became an antidote to internal divides.

To us these boycotts are a form of colonization, refusing to acknowledge that the natives can think.

PS: there apparently are several pacifist Palestinian-Israeli initiatives, and I suppose some if them are politically aware.

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