Monday, July 9, 2012

Hariri projects his disregard for Lebanese people ....

Hariri is projecting: he says that the Lebanese Not Surprised that Govt. Doesn’t Care if Citizens Killed by the Syrian Regime. The Saudi loyalists maybe, but not the patriots. He should know, they clash with him because they uphold equal rights and oppose corruption.

Was he concerned when you stole $11 billions? Or when you snuck in Fatah el Islam to provoke a civil war in lebanon:
Gen. Aoun is the only Arabic politician reported in the Wall Street journal that said every lost human life is a tragedy, regardless of national, religious or political belonging. I now common sense is not your strong point, but this means that a Lebanese citizen in the North is a sad loss too. Here's a quote from the Gen. Aoun's article in the Wall Street Journal in 2006: . Quote of Gen. Aoun: "all human life is equal and priceless".  The patriotic party proposed the 1st civil law of the middle east, upholding equal rights to all Lebanese. This is the part clan members like you can't digest:

I wrote this as a comment on naharnet, it's "pending moderation". If it's not moderated Hariri-style, we just might be able to read it.

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