Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saudi Arabia paying salarie of opposition that includes AlQaeda

Saudi Arabia to pay salaries of Syrian opposition fighters

Saudi Arabia is the mother ship of every Banana Republic in the middle east, and home base to Wahabi extremists (Al Qaeda). They have colonized Arabic countries around them via corrupt governments. The US has alternated between the corrupt rulers and extremist groups it supports, but it consistently opposed citizenry movements, like the Lebanese patriotic party. These advocate equal right, secular governments, and make their country diverse, stable, and unavailable to foreign manipulation. There is one thing the US, and the expansionist Saudi empire do to not approve of it seems: citizenry. In Lebanon the citizenry movement grew from a flashpoint in 1989 to the being the second largest block in parliament. This increased popularity of citizenry got in the way of foreign attempts at provoking civil wars.  In Syria, there is also a clash between citizenry and clans. The west only recognized a democracy vs. dictatorship fight, but opposing the dictator are also clans that would simply take over, but not advance democracy. These clans have been branded as freedom fighters by the Saudi regime, and the western media resonated that up to recently. The Saudi regime supports clans, and opposes citizenry, just as any colonizer would. It's manipulative to overlook the war of clans on citizenry, some Syrians want to belong to a nation, nit a collection of clans, and view the Saudi regime as their enemy.  It doesn't advance democracy to boost clans in the war on citizenry, it just reduces Syria to a messy mismatch of clans.

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