Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ending corruption in Lebanon, some documents demonstrating the facts

The documents linked to below are in Arabic, please comment below if you'd like to help translate them

Fact 1: Legally, seniority is required but does not guarantee promotion in public offices

Fact 2: Three court audits (in a first, second, and third part) of the Lebanese treasury department demonstrates fraud.

Fact 3: The law proposal to upgrade the public energy sector in Lebanon is financially sound, and inexplicably stalled by the prime minister.

Fact 4: The treasury is not properly accountable.

Fact 5: profiteers in government have exploited the cell phone network in Lebanon

In support of ending corruption, sheikh Mahid Hamoud prays in a mosq, in support of Gen. Aoun, the lead in ending corruption in Lebanon. A regressive American reporter would ignore all these facts and just call "Christian" leader.

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