Thursday, August 11, 2011

about avaaz's petition re:Syria

I tend to trust what Avaaz petitions; they seem to have a sense of justice. On the issue of Syria however, they are covering for Saudi-armed, Al Qaeda-praised elements in the revolt. A revolution is not the same thing as a coup by Saudi extremists. It's democratic to replace a dictator, yes, but not substitute one for another, that is more amenable to the Saudi regime, as are the remaining banana republics in the middle east.  There was a time when an oppressive regime from Saudi Arabia colonized the entire area, tried to assimilate everyone into the Sunnite majority (not pertaining to all sunnites), and almost annihilated minorities. That didn't quite work, but Saudi extremists with a faded glory complex are still trying. Terrorist acts were all committed by people from that faded glory neo-colonizing Saudi movement, the one the US supports. I am still waiting for an Avaaz petition that condemns the bloody Saudi dictatorship.

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