Thursday, March 3, 2011

great article that says it all: Mubarak regime source of sectarian unrest

Mubarak regime source of sectarian unrest  

This shows the parallalelism between Hariri and Moubarak's strategy: divide and rule. The west uses the Hezbollah smokescreen to over look that

The opposite of sectarianism is true citizenry.  Banana republics, provoked internal divides, never educated the mainstream on the cultures of minorities, never fostered dialogue, but the Lebanese patriotic party has. The west reacted by vilifying it!  It aims to create true citizenry, where everyone is treated as equals there will be no reason for instability.
"During the January 25 Revolution all the police abandoned their posts, yet not one single church in the country was attacked," al-Sayed points out. "Even the Jewish synagogues were left untouched after police vacated them." 

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