Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arabs get their dignity back

A dictator is no match to a close-knit Egyptian people.

After the fact, the anglo-saxon world is now pre-democracy. Well French parliament members like Dany-Cohn Bendit did better, they were against dictators while the anglo-phone world was calling them a stabilizing factor.

Dany-Cohn Bendit said in his recent parliament speech the west lamented how the alternative to dictators is fundamentalist, but there is now proof that there is a third choice. He said that this is event from a pro-egypt march in gaza that was crushed by hammas (first and second article), who are theocrats.

In fact, a third choice has been evident since 1989, when Lebanese nationalists emerged in Lebanon. Same for when RAWA emerged in Afghanistan.  

Here's an eye opener, much like the Lebanese one, the Tunisian Banana Republic was fixated on the capital and neglected the South and North. Classic post-colonial government.

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