Thursday, September 23, 2010

A sophisticated Lebanese stand against sectarianism

This is political maturity and sophistication the likes of which uniform oppressive cultures like Saudis and Iranians have never seen. A Christian political leader linking demonization of Islam to the exode of middle eastern Christians, and asking the Vatican Synod conference to prevent both.
Compare that to Iranians who ally themselves to sunite extremist as a weapon again internal shiite extremists. Very mature. Or compare this to the Saudi tactic to send mercenaries, Fatah el Islam, to try to provoke Hezbollah into a civil war. I will let you guess why Hezbollah stepped aside, did not fall for the provocation, and made room for the Lebanese army to apprehend these Saudi puppets. Very colonial of the Saudi regime. In the face of these dark age idea from the south of the peninsula, there's the maturity of a northern Arabic peninsula leader: G. Michel Aoun and his appeal to respect all the religions out there.

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