Monday, February 22, 2010

We support Team Lebanon in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics by watching!

Dear Lebanese

Please support TEAM LEBANON in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and watch them on their scheduled competitions. Lebanon is the only Arabic country with participants this year.

Here are some info about one of the three of the Team Lebanon members, Chirine Njeim.

Chirine Njeim, a 24 year old Lebanese attending the university of Utah is representing Lebanon at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in skiing disciplines on the 20th, 24nd and 26th of February in Whistler Village. Against all odds, this brave young woman is heading to the contest with the Lebanese delegation .

Chirine left Lebanon at the age of 16 after convincing her parents to allow her to pursue her passion in skiing while training in Utah and attending university. She has consistently pursued and excelled at many skiing disciplines, proudly representing Lebanon once before. This is her second and most qualified attempt as winning an Olympic medal.Hoping we can generate some support for Chirine, since her parents are not able to attend in person. I am asking all groups in all cities to mobilize what they can in contacting those they know in Vancouver or neighboring areas to ask them to attend and support Chirine by waving Lebanese Flags, being vocal during the competition, and on facebook

Don't Forget the Dates
February 24, 2010
10:00 - Alpine Skiing - Ladies' Giant Slalom 1st Run
Medal Event
13:15 - Alpine Skiing - Ladies' Giant Slalom 2nd Run
February 26, 2010
10:00 - Alpine Skiing - Ladies' Slalom 1st Run
Medal Event
13:30 - Alpine Skiing - Ladies' Slalom 2nd Run

Feb. 20th results for Ladies Super-G

Chirine on ESPN

As expected from a corrupt government the Lebanese ski federation was useless to the Lebanese Olympian.

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