Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brainstorm for Lebanon

Japanese corporations have a proven principle: spend 80% of your time planning, and you'll succeed. Brainstorming* is part of planning, and at the origin of every successful project. Therefore, to create an alternative kind of Lebanon, the kind that does a "leapfrog"** above the western world, we need all creative Lebanese people to brainstorm! Of course the prerequisite to an alternative Lebanon is to end the rule of the present sectarian oil-republic in Lebanon, but this brainstorm can give us a vision of what we will be free to achieve if enough of us vote for the opposition.

So, brainstorm* at will! If you're an environmentalist Lebanese, tell us how you will reforestate, if you're an urban planner, an archeologist, an agriculture expert, tell us what you would do in Lebanon if our culture suddenly became open to constructive suggestions. Imagine for a moment that you don't need to leave Lebanon to have your constructive ideas be well received, and to get support from society to achieve them.

* A brainstorm is when we pull out of our head every possibly useful idea, to then select a few from the collected idea and act on them
** A "leapfrog" is when a developing finds a way to outdo developed countries it is trying to catch up with, in a given area.

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  1. a patent office to protect Lebanese intellectual property. This is what motivated europeans to invent and bring about modern times, the fact that their right to profit from these inventions was protected. There a Lebanese patent office would bring about a Lebanese technological revolution.


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